Unused Old Stock John Deere PH90231078 Electric Reel Motor Controller 2500E 2550

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Manufacturer part number: PH90231078
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  • Unused old stock; we were able to get these because they came with a wrong plug on them; so we wired in the correct plugs and then tested them on a Deere mower to ensure they work properly
  • NOTE: if replacing the older numbers you will need to order from Deere AUC10685 which connects to this to add the two power wires with loop connectors, plus you will need on of either AUC10673, AUC10674 or AUC10675, depending on which reel location you are putting it on (RH, LH or center)
  • John Deere Part# PH90231078
  • Stk# FB-2
  • Price is for 1
  • Used on 2500E, 2550