John Deere TCA15175 Hydraulic Mow Backlap Valve 3225C 3235C 7500 7700 8500 8700 3225B 3235B 2500A 2500B Mower TCA13246

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SKU: I-114,I-125,L-130(but on I), L-313,I-137,I-143
Manufacturer part number: TCA15175
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  • Used,Good tested working condition
  • John Deere Part# TCA15175 which replaces TCA13246 and several other older numbers
  • Stk# I-114A-B came off a 2009 7500 w/ 2256 hours on a working meter
  • Stk# I-125 came off a 2010 8700 w/ 4750 hours on a working meter
  • Stk# I-130A-B came off a 3235C w/ unknown hours (showed 974, but not believable)
  • Stk# L-313A-B (but really on shelf I) came off a 2011 7700 w/ 5089 hours on a working meter
  • Stk# I-137A-B came off a 2011 8700 w/ 2823 hours on a working meter
  • Stk# I-143A-B came off a 2007 3225C w/ unknown hours
  • Price is for one with multiple available