How to remove front hydraulic drive wheel motor off John Deere 3215 3235 3215A 3235A 3215B 3225B 3235B 3225C 3235C 3245C Fairway and Rough Mower

We get this question a lot, so we thought we would put it online so it's easier for people to find.  The question is usually: I removed the 4 bolts around the front drive motor, but the motor still won't come out.  The issue is that one of the two hoses attached to the back of the motor is a hard pipe that is attached to a splitter block.  That splitter block has a fitting on it, which sticks out the back of the hydraulic tank/front axle.  There is a nut on the outside holding that splitter block against the inside wall of the oil tank.  To get the motor free you have to remove the nut off the fitting sticking out of the back of the hydraulic tank/front axle, and push the fitting inside the oil tank.  This will free up the motor allowing you to pull it out of the tank/axle.  Here is a link to a picture from Deere that will help show you what is going on in the tank:

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