Gearbox Cover 57372 Woods BW180Q-2 BW126Q-2 BW240Q BB840 1260 Batwing Mower

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Manufacturer part number: 57372
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  • Woods Part# 57372
  • Stk# Z47A-Ccame off a Woods BW180-2
  • Also used on:BW126, BW126-2, BW126Q, BW126Q-2, BW126X, BW126XQ, BW180, BW180-2, BW180Q, BW180Q-2, BW180X, BW180XQ, BW240, BW240Q, 1260, 1260Q, BB840P, BB840, BB720, BB600, DSO1260, DS1440, DS1260, BW180Q-3, BW180-3, BW126Q-3, BW126-3, BB840X, BB840XP, BB720X, BB600X, BW180XQE, BW180EX, BW126XQE, BW126XE, BW126E, BB840XQ
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