Conditions of Use


If free shipping is shown in the ad, that price is good to the contiguous 48 United States; beyond that will be additional.  For freight shipping items, please ask for a freight quote; to quickly provide you with a quote we need the shipping address and to know if you have a forklift or loading dock to unload.  We offer local pickup as well, but you need to call first to schedule a time to do so.  904-466-2300 We mainly use UPS ground and USPS priority; if under 1# we usually use USPS first class.

Limited Warranty:

For items marked as new, unused, or only as used, with no other details relating to problems, wear, or damage to item listed in item description of that part's details, there will be a limited 30 day (from purchase date) warranty.  For items with additional details talking about problems or defects with the item, or for items with obvious defects shown in pictures,  there is no warranty, and those items sell "AS IS" as discussed in furter detail below.  The limited warranty warrants against defects in the item, present at time of purchase, which cause actual failure of the item within 30 days of purchase. If outside factors are a contributing cause of failure, then failure will not be covered by limited warranty (example: engines ship without oil because of freight regulations, if Buyer starts engine without putting oil in first,  causing failure, such failure will not be covered by limited warranty).  To claim the warranty, Buyer must notify Seller of the problem within 31 days of purchase, and, if Seller requires the item to be sent back, it must be shipped out (not delivered) within 5 days of notifying Seller of warranty claim.  Warranty is limited to a refund or replacement (as Seller determines in it's sole discretion).  Warranty DOES NOT COVERlabor, damage to other parts, expedited shipping (neither for initial purchase or replacement part), or incidental or consequential damages.  Absolute limit of liability of Seller shall be the purchase price paid (more details below in "Additional Terms").  Warranty only applies to the party who purchases from Seller; it does not apply to any third party.  Also, the limited warranty only applies if the party purchasing from Buyer is the party using the item(s).  Limited warranty does not apply if purchase is made by Buyer for some other party.  Limited warranty only applies to covered items if purchased on this website. Limited warranty does not apply to items shipped international, whether shipped by Seller or Buyer.


Unless stated otherwise in the item specific ad, returns are only accepted if the item is not as described; for instance it arrived damaged, in different condition than described, or is a different part number than the ad said it was.  Otherwise we do no accept returns.

Handling Time:

Parts are almost always shipped out within 2 business days. Often times it is next day. If it is longer for some reason (one example is sometimes freight is slower) we will try and notify you and make sure you are satisfied.

Sales Tax:

Sales being shipped to Florida or picked up in Florida are subject to Florida sales tax.

Expedited Shipping:

For expedited shipping, you have to call us to see if we can ship it faster, and for prices.  However, we have found that shippers don't always meet their guaranteed delivery times.  As such, we accept no responsibilty for their failure to meet their delivery times, and will not offer refunds for such.

Additional Terms: The limited warranty laid out above is meant to only offer, at most, a refund or replacement within the time frame mentioned on the items covered by it; beyond that the disclaimer of warranties discussed here shall apply to the fullest extent possible.  The limitation of liability discussed here applies to all and every transaction regardless of whether a limited warranty applies or not.  For all items not covered by the limited warranty, and for the items covered by the limited warranty, but outside the limited warranty time frame, all item(s) sells"AS IS"with NO warranties of merchantability or fitness or any other kind of warranties or guaranties, neither express nor implied. So, beyond the limited warranty time frame discussed earlier, even items covered by the limited warranty become items purchased in "AS IS"condition with NO warranties of merchantability or fitness or any other kind of warranties or guaranties, neither express nor implied.All items are used unless specifically stated otherwise. Description is subject to mistakes or errors and Eastern Triangle Enterprises, LLC (Seller) is not liable for any mistakes or errors beyond the limit of liability discussed here.  Limit of liability of the Seller for any and all transactions shall be a refund of the purchase price to Buyer and return of the item to Seller; therefore, seller is not and shall not be liable for things like and including incidental or consequential damages, lost profits, punitive damages, lawyers fees, court costs, deposition fees, travel expenses, etc. This shall in no way require Seller to offer a refund, but a refund is the limit of seller's liability. If payment is not arranged and made within 24 hours of agreement to purchase Buyer shall forfeit the item allowing Seller to relist or do otherwise with the item as Seller desires; additionally Seller shall retain all rights against Buyer for breach of the purchase agreement. Prices subject to change without notice. Price and availability not guaranteed. Seller reserves the right to deny/cancel orders and send a refund to customers for any reason so long as Seller notifies Buyer and refunds Buyer within 48 hours of receipt of payment and so long as such denial does not violate law.  Item(s) for sale locally and on other websites as well; Seller reserves the right to end listings for any reason.  Because items are for sale elsewhere, they may be sold before Seller takes down the listing; the best way to make sure it is still available is to call first. In the event of any legal proceedings arising out of the sale of this item or any other transaction with Seller, any action or actions brought against Seller must be brought in the state of Florida; if in federal court then in the federal district court covering Suwannee County Florida; if in state court then in a state court in Suwannee County Florida. Being a small company, Seller cannot afford to defend itself across the country or world, therefore if this forum selection clause or any other term is too burdensome for you (the Buyer) then please do not buy our (Seller's) items. If any portion of this agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction such portion shall be severed and the remainder of the agreement enforceable.  By purchasing from Seller, Buyer is acknowledging that this is a legally binding contract, and Buyer is further agreeing to all terms herein.