About us

Eastern Triangle Enterprises, LLC is located in Live Oak, FL.  We specialize in used farm and turf equipment parts.  We are continually dismantling equipment and adding it to our inventory here on www.eastern-triangle.com.  Therefore, what we have available is constantly changing.  If we don't have it now, we might have it in the near future.

We try to take lots of pictures and describe (where necessary) the item so you know what condition of item you are getting.  With used there can be a lot of variation in condition.  So, please look at all the pictures, and scroll down to see any remarks about the item.  You can see a large image of each picture shown by clicking on the smaller picture.

Sometimes we will have multiple ads for the same part number, but they will be in different condition and therefore have different prices.  Just punch in your part number to our search bar at the top to see if we have anymore of that part number available.

For certain items like hydraulics parts, engines, etc., we often take videos of the machine working before dismantling.  These videos, where applicable, are located in the ad for the part, and can be seen by scrolling down to the item description below the pictures.